Brandon Siri announced on Thursday that he is not running for Reno mayor after all. He previously announced in April that he would campaign for the city office. 

He released this statement: 

“My exploratory campaign for Reno Mayor 2018 has ended.  I plan to defer my campaign to a future election. I have decided the best path forward is to work with candidates who currently share my vision.  I have met with two of them this past year, Mayor Hillary Schieve and Eddie Lorton, to discuss Reno.  While I appreciate the kindness and service of Mayor Schieve, Mr. Lorton’s values and interests are much closer to what my campaign was about.  I believe that Mr. Lorton has his thumb on the pulse of the Reno economy and understands what businesses in our community need to thrive.  I encourage all voters to look up Mr. Lorton and learn more about his mission and beliefs.”
“Whoever wins, I hope that they will fix the disfunction at City Hall, increase police numbers and community safety, crackdown on drug dealers and substance abuse, work with Washoe County to address the rising homeless situation, and get smarter about the City’s assets and budget.” 
“In closing, new fresh ideas are the way forward, but we cannot forget Reno’s roots in the process.  Common sense politics is what we need right now – not politicians.  We need a City Council who are not puppets to special interest groups and who understand and abide by the letter of the law.”