Lisa Moore, the director of Life Changes, Inc. a non-profit that helps northern Nevadans find a healthy path away from substance abuse. We got a chance to catch up with Lisa and learn why she has devoted her life to this cause.

For starters, Moore was raised in an alcoholic family. "We'd keep secrets in the house and then we'd make sure that when we left the house everyone thought we had this picture perfect, beautiful family. So, I was good at acting."

Keeping those secrets coupled with a genetic disposition to addiction had Lisa hooked at a very young age. "I started using when I was 10," says Lisa. "Alcohol and marijuana and then it progressed to cocaine and methamphetamine."

She kept her substance abuse going for decades, until enough tragic events in her life had her saying enough. Lisa credits 12 step programs and going to church. "Leaning on my higher power, because it made me build my self-confidence back, it made me have my self-worth."

In 2011 Moore launched Life Changes, Inc. originally with the goal of helping women out of addiction. The non-profit now runs six sober living homes and Rise and Grind - an exercise and recovery program.

Program participants really love Lisa. "She's easy to talk to. I can talk to her about anything and that's hard for me, I can't talk to people. I don't trust people," says newly arrived Tonya. Megan’s been in for seven months and couldn’t agree more. "She's just very supportive. She's been through it, so she knows."

And Lisa remembers how life changing it was when someone believed in her "…I’ll always be there to hold their hand, always chase them down if they decide to leave - which I've done that before."

But along with the compassion comes tough love and pretty strict rules in the Life Changes programs, because Lisa believes sobriety is a battle worth fighting. "That's what I tell the guy and girls when they come in. If you just give it time- and wait until the miracle happens - you'll have such an amazing life."

Life Changes, Inc.’s most recent addition is a sober living house for families - so couples can learn to recover together and earn custody of their children back from the courts.