Steve Sisolak is hoping to be the Democratic nominee for governor once the primary election rolls around in June.

There's a lot of issues to discuss between now and then, and a big one is education.

That's why he met with teachers, librarians and parents to discuss his ideas - and listen to theirs.

"There are problems that exist in the system that are school or region specific."

Sisolak says there's no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to our schools saying each one has its own unique issues.

He says the key is giving teachers the tools they need for success.

"Nobody does this for the money. These are folks that just really love the students and they really love the idea of teaching and we just need to give them a chance. We need to help them."

Sisolak wants to reform the school boards, possibly adding experts from different areas.

He also wants create an "Adopt a School" program for businesses, and change funding requirements.

"There's a two-thirds requirement to raise taxes. There should be a two-thirds requirement to reduce funding for education."

School safety is in the forefront, after the mass shooting at a Florida high school last month.

Sisolak say adding cameras and a single-entry system is a good start but he doesn't support arming teachers.

"I don't want guns in schools. The teachers made that clear here today. They want to be educators. They don't want to be policemen."

While there's room for improvement in our schools, he says the kids shouldn't be caught in the middle and used for political reasons.

"These students deserve better and they deserve to be taken out of this political pawn of a chess game that we're playing here and let's really address the situation that's there."

Sisolak says listening is an important part of leading and prides himself on bringing people together to solve problems and compromise.

"You can't get everything you want and pout because you don't get it. It doesn't work that way. You've got to be willing to have relationships to make compromises, to make deals so to speak, and we're better off."

Sisolak says he will file for office in the next week or so.

His opponent on the Democratic ticket is Chris Guinchigliani - a fellow Clark County commissioner. We're hoping to here from her later this week.

Another candidate from Las Vegas is Jared Fisher. We'll introduce you to the Republican businessman on Wednesday.