JAG Nevada is a high school dropout-intervention and work-readiness program for most high schools throughout northern Nevada. Once a year, a select few students participate in a unique competition.

Much of what the teens are taught - are life skills. "Thirty-seven of those are soft skills, so… talking, being able to look at a person, shake their hand, greet them, knowing how to fill out an application, how to interview," explains Steve Voss Regional Program Director JAG Nevada.

On March 5th, some of the kids will get to put those skills to the test before heading out into the world. The annual JAG Nevada Career Development Conference is also a competition. "This is our Olympics for JAG. So, five participants out of every program is gonna go down to Las Vegas and they're gonna participate in six events. So, they have art, public speaking, employability skills, decision making, and entrepreneurship,” says Voss.

The entire state participates - northern Nevada is sending five from each of our 17 existing JAG programs. Last year the best and brightest from Fernley won the state championship. " So, it's not the size of the school, it's the quality of the students that are coming down there and coming out of the program," says Voss, smiling.

The idea is that the kids will use the information and skills to continue succeeding in the life. The numbers prove it works - 92% of JAG students graduate high school and more than 80% go on to full-time jobs, the military or college.

Voss adds, "We follow them for a year after graduation, checking on them once a month to make sure they continue on the right path."

The non-profit organization is holding a "Sponsor a JAG Student" fundraiser to raise money for the students going to the Las Vegas competition.

If you would like to donate and sponsor a student, or would like more information, click this link - http://jagnv.org/providing-opportunities