After 30 years of trimming and styling, Marti Torres-Wilson knows a thing or two about managing a full head of hair. "I've seen it all in peoples' hair.” However, instead of searching for grown out roots and split ends, these days Marti scours scalps for something else – lice! "They're fast. They don't fly or jump, but they feel a warm body and they take off."

The head-scratching, skin-crawling, egg-laying bugs keeps her busy. Marti started with a mobile lice treatment business. "I started traveling around to peoples' houses being a nitpicker,” she laughs. “That's what I am - I'm a nitpicker.” Marti's lice-killing career eventually landed her in a small studio on Moana Lane. She opened the Lice Clinics of America – Reno franchise late last year. Her schedule is already filling up with people who learn they have lice. "People who get lice are not dirty people, you know? Lice like clean hair." Plus, she adds, they are not always easy to detect. "[People] itch only if they're allergic to the saliva. Some people can be fully infested and not even know they have any bugs until they feel something crawl or something coming down their face or neck."

Marti arms herself with a high-powered tool to battle the bugs called AirAllé®. The FDA-approved medical device kills lice and eggs through dehydration. She holds a disposable attachment - connected to a heated air supply - to the scalp. "It's actually blowing onto the roots of the hair." Experts say the technology is growing in popularity because some traditional drug store products do not work as well as they used since “super lice” are pesticide-resistant.  The new, chemical-free treatment takes about an hour. She says the treatment, which includes a thorough comb-out after the AirAllé® procedure, is 99% effective at killing lice and their eggs - thanks to a specific combination of temperature, airflow, time and technique. "A blow dryer is too hot and uneven temperature and you can't hold it on one spot for 30-seconds or you're going to burn." Treatment costs $195 and there is a 30-day guarantee if the entire household is screened.

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