We’ve seen these before, but a new phishing scam is circulating in our area.

On Friday, Mary Anderson’s phone buzzed, indicating she'd just received a new text message. The sender was a 410 area code claiming to be from Wells Fargo and requesting that she please respond.

“It looked official, it started asking me, we need updates on your account,” said Anderson.

Then the alarm in her head began to go off. Mary hasn't been a Wells Fargo customer for more than 20 years. So before she proceeded with any of the on-screen commands, she went to Wells Fargo for advice.

“They've heard about it, yes it’s a scam and they said, wow that does look official.”

Sergeant Dennis Carry with the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Cyber Division says, the best and most dangerous scams will look real. He says unfortunately for consumers, scams are becoming more and more believable, so recognizing them is imperative to protecting your information.

“What a person should do is not necessarily follow any link they get or call any number they receive; they can take their debit card out, look at the number on the debit card and call them that way,” said Carry.

Carry says there will likely be plenty of people who fall for the message, inevitably giving the scammers what they want. There's also not much his department can do to stop robo-texts like these from being delivered to your phone.

“The phone number that it would look like it's coming from would be fraudulent, so really it's up to public awareness, saying what not to do and hoping people will follow that advice,” said Carry.

If you're one of the recipients of this latest scam or any others that officials should be aware of, you can report them to the federal trade commission and also Wells Fargo: Https://www.wellsfargo.com/privacy-security/fraud/report/phish/