If you haven't already, get your Valentine's Day dinner reservations in and your flowers ordered, because they're going fast. Local businesses are gearing up for a busy week ahead. 

Workers at Sparks Florist are busy preparing thousands of floral arrangement deliveries. The business will see anywhere from 300-400 deliveries Monday, 500-600 on Tuesday and a whopping 1,000 on the big day, alone. 

With well-prepared lovers putting in their orders as early as New Year's, it's no surprise those numbers overshadow their usual deliveries. Suzanne Shepherd Director of Internal Operations at Sparks Florist, explains, "Oh gosh, on a regular day, 50-75 [deliveries], so it goes up 10 to 15 times as much."

They also prepare by hiring extra hands, around 50 more staff members to be exact, including extra delivery drivers. 

That's a Valentine's scheduling phenomena you'll also see at popular restaurants, like P.F. Chang's. "We add about 20% more team members on that day, compared to a regular Friday or Saturday night," says the restaurant's Operating Partner, Stacee Soter.

With more than four dozen reservations already booked for the big day and a menu that boasts food made in-house from scratch--that also requires ordering a whole lot of extra stock. Soter says they base their orders off of the previous year's sales and ramp that up by about 10%.

When the holiday falls mid-week, the restaurant typically sees about $17,000 in sales on the big day. Soter says, "That's about $10,000 more than we normally do on a regular run-of-the-mill Wednesday."

Meanwhile, at the Peppermill on Sunday, was a different type of Valentine's celebration that helped spread the love to our furry friends. "Cocoa for a Cause" sells boxes of See's Candies for just $10, with all profits going to the Nevada Humane Society. 

Collin Alldredge, Assistant Marketing Manager with the Peppermill says, "We're just trying to capitalize on the Valentine's holiday. People need chocolate and I think it's a great way to help out the Humane Society."