Hundreds of Washoe County middle and high school students will take part in "Jazz in the Schools," a two-day event made especially for jazz players.

The event is in it's 18th year and it's expanding. For the first time, students from Truckee are invited to showcase their skills to Reno locals, while also learning from some of the best.

"We wanted to show people how we can play and we were hoping we could get better," said Nynke Propstra, an 8th grader at Alder Creek Middle School.

Students from schools like Alder Creek and Depoali each took their turn performing in front of musical educators Saturday. Clinicians critiqued the group's performance, while also offering year's of insight and tips.

Professional musician Mike McMullen says his critiques are short;

 "I don't want to give them a lot of information, I want to say one or two things that they can remember and that they can take away and ideally something where they can feel and hear the difference and they're inspired by that."

Students like Kasey Reisinger plays for the Reno Jazz Orchestra and honed in on his skills with help from musicians like McMullen. 

"Listening out, instead of just playing your part right is one of the biggest things we've always learned from this event." Reisinger said. 

For many of these musicians, jazz is just a school activity, but for others, this is something they hope to carry with them into their adult lives. Nonetheless for all of the musicians, the University of Nevada, Reno's Jazz Orchestra Director Andrew Heglund says "the experience of sort of being recognized for their musical abilities has really helped encourage them and give them something to work towards,."