The Nevada Veterans Coalition laid to rest 15 veterans Friday, some who have been gone for decades, as they continue their efforts to find, remember and honor all those who have served and have not had their proper burial.

"We heard that call for help and we're going to make sure that every veteran regardless of their enlistment," Tom Draughon, Public Information Officer for the Nevada Veteran's Coalition, says. "We give them the final honors that every veteran deserves."

Peg Friesen got off work early and drove from Truckee to attend today's service. Friesen's son has been deployed in Bahrain since January 2017, and she says the ceremony was more than she expected.

"To have taps and Amazing Grace," Friesen says. "It hits you right here in the heart, you know it's very special and for everyone to show up and be here, it was just a very special time."

Friesen says the coalition does remarkable work, especially considering it's all volunteer. 

"Think about all those veterans who have been sitting on a shelf somewhere in a mortuary all this time," Friesen says. "And for the coalition to honor these veterans, it's just a wonderful thing that they do."

The coalition has been putting on services like today for more than a year, and Draughon says they've already laid to rest about 100 veterans. He says they have about 70 more veterans identified and ready to be honored, but says their work is far from finished.

"As far as how many are out there, I have no idea," Draughon said. "Literally in the hundreds for the state of Nevada."

There are no set dates for future services, but Draughon says they will have a service in March, April, and May in Fernley.