When a child gets an unexpected health diagnosis, it can be overwhelming for parents, not to mention expensive, but there's a group in Reno offering free help.

Local nonprofit Family TIES of Nevada wants any family struggling with a child's healthcare issue to reach out. They can help with physical, mental, and developmental issues.

"Really any type of special healthcare need," Family TIES Executive Director Mary Meeker said. "We work as a resource hub for families who just don't know where to turn."

Family TIES has all the local, state, and federal resources dialed in. Meeker said they can help with Medicaid applications, Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) at school, support groups with other parents, even basic needs like housing and food assistance.

However, with all the budget uncertainty on the federal level, Meeker said they're very concerned about the future of their funding, which comes entirely from grants and donations.

"While we really do serve a purpose, we aren't direct care providers, and what does [federal cuts to aid programs] mean for us?" Meeker said. "So definitely concerned about our federal funding, state funding, and those types of cuts that we are seeing, because we are reliant 100 percent on grants."

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