Eric Robnett is the owner of Home Energy Experts.  This time of the year, he usually relies on the cold winter weather for many of his calls for service but this month has been much warmer than usual. 

"It's February and it's 60 degrees as we stand here right now and we're installing air conditioning, so you never know," Robnett said.

Air conditioner installations are not unheard of in February but broken furnaces are normally much more common.

"We've slowed down just a little bit," Robnett said. "Normally, we would be extremely busy with heating repairs, constantly running calls all day, all night, all weekend, all hours of the morning. This year, we just don't have the repair calls because the weather is so mild, the heating systems aren't working as hard as they normally do."

There is still work to go around, like scheduled maintenance.  That means the lack of repair jobs is not having too much of an impact on his 21 employees. Since the weather is warmer than usual, Robnett says he is getting more calls for preventative maintenance.

"What we're seeing is the proactive-type homeowners that are saying 'Well, I guess we're not going to have much of a winter, so let's see if we can get our air conditioner in order before it's too late and it starts getting really hot,'" Robnett said.

Robnett says since winter and summer are normally the high-demand months for repairs, spring and fall are the best time for maintenance.

"Get out there and do the preventative maintenance, prevent the repairs from happening during this time," Robnett said. "Make sure everything's good to go before we actually get that heat wave or that cold spell."

Robnett says the problem is many people do not think about getting standard maintenance until the hot or cold months. 

"It's kind of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing, I think, for homeowners to not think about it until it's broken," Robnett said.