74-year-old Gardnerville artist Miles Tucker says retirement is not a word in his vocabulary. His take on a famous Renaissance piece took him three years to complete and now he's ready to share it with the world…

At Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Sparks, you will find a replica of the Pietà. Michelangelo's famous sculpture of Mary, holding her son, Jesus moments after his crucifixion and death "…and I was wondering how Jesus got in Mary's lap, because he was very heavy and I don't think that, so I started researching the bible,” says Tucker.

That research inspired the sculptor to create a version of the Pietà so detailed that the cuts from the crown of thorns are visible on Jesus’s forehead.

"I wanted it to look as real as it could be" Tucker tells us.

The crown, and those who laid Jesus Christ to rest, is part of this bronze sculpture as well. "And it just show love and compassion for Jesus and also, it shows that it is done, the fact they can't hurt Jesus anymore."

Tucker's devotion and deeply personal connection with his Pietà is evident in the care he takes transporting the piece.

It takes an over-sized van ...and an engine hoist to move the 630 pound bronze sculpture. 

“We wanna place this in as many churches as possible so that everybody can see what I saw"

...And what he felt - during the three years he spent creating this Pietà.

And he wants you to do the same

"To touch Jesus' hand and Mary's head and just put your hand all over it. It's like you're coming one on one with the art," says Tucker, who explains that a special treatment was put on the bronze to protect it while still allowing it to be touched.

If you want to experience the Pietà for yourself, Miles Tucker created two replicas - one is currently at St. Francis of Assisi at Incline Village, the other will be at Immaculate Conception in Sparks - starting next week - on Ash Wednesday, February 7, 2018 and staying throughout the Easter season.

For more information on the artist and his other creations, visit his website by clicking this link - http://milestuckerart.com/