The Wilbur D. May Arboretum is in need of more volunteers and is having a workshop for those interested February 27th through March 20th. You do not have to volunteer to participate in the workshop, but it will bring the cost down. It's $25 for the series if you serve 25 hours during the 2018 year or it's $75 dollars for the entire series without volunteering and $15 per class if you do not want to participate in the whole thing. 

Ever since the recession the arboretum has had to bridge the gap between full time staff and the amount of work to do with volunteers. 

It's a beautiful place and come springtime it will popping in color and people. 

"If we didn't have the volunteers it wouldn't look anything like it does now,” said horticulturist Bill Carlos. 

Ever since the recession they've needed more volunteers. As of now they have about ten to fifteen volunteers on a Tuesday or Thursday, but they could use more. Their budget was cut by 60 percent after the recession, which took a lot of their staff away. 

As far as staffing, they only have three full time employees and 3 seasonal employees to take care of the 23 acre property. Providing up to five thousand hours in service their volunteers are bridging the gap between the workload and staffing. This equates to about 130,000 dollars a year. 
"We're keeping it at a standard right now where it looks great of course, but with full time staff it can look better, but without volunteer gardeners it wouldn't look as good. A lot of things that they do would be dead heading, pruning, they'll groom our trails and in many cases participate in school tours with children,” said Carlos. 

You don't have to be an expert to volunteer but it does help. That's where the two week workshop comes in handy. It goes from February 27th through March 20th and you can also pick and choose which classes you want to take. If you want to volunteer or just take the workshop for fun, you can contact Denise Evans at (775) 785-4512 extension 107. You can also email her at