Several school buses were caught on tape failing to yield to Depoali Middle School students on Monday afternoon. The Washoe County School District says the drivers in the video have received warnings.

Kim Cobeaga, the mother who recorded the video, says she and other parents are concerned that the buses don’t stop when they should.

“The buses just keep coming and so they're waiting and waiting and waiting to cross,” said Cobeaga.

As seen in the video, eventually as the last bus goes, the kids cross the street. Rick Martin, director of transportation with the Washoe County School District says, these students should've never had to wait in the first place.

“Obviously the law is pedestrian right of way, so they're required to stop for that and that should've been observed by those drivers,” said Martin.

Martin says until now, the Depoali Middle School staff would direct a large single file line of buses out of the school to keep the flow of traffic moving. He says to avoid any more dangerous situations from occurring, the district is now working on a plan to let the buses go in incremental stages.

“Instead of say three or four buses at a time, it might be two buses to allow them time to slow down from a safety stand point,” said Martin.

Speed is another concern of Cobeaga’s. The crosswalk where her child crosses is just beyond where the school zone ends. She says no driver should dramatically increase their speed immediately after a school zone, especially when kids are still present.

“I do think that they should slow down, I mean you can clearly see in my video that they were not going slow for having just passed a school zone ,” said Cobeaga.