In the world of sports - the moment when an athlete must push past exhaustion and pain - is sometimes referred to as the grind. A local program is applying that same mindset to recovering from addiction by using exercise. 

“The program was designed for women in recovery, recovering from substance abuse disorder and mental health disorder,” explains Grant Denton, co-founder of Rise & Grind and a life coach.

The other co-founder, Lisa Moore says recovery is complicated. “They get clean and sober - and they stop doing drugs, but then they need to learn how to do the nutrition part of it, the working out part of it.“

So in addition to a weekly class on healthy eating... this small group women shows up at American Iron gym in Reno at 6:00 am every day to grind it out.

31-year-old Lorraine is a member of the group that spends a lot of time lifting weights “…and we do obstacle courses and we do resistance training.”

42-year-old Toni says it’s “a great stress reliever and it clears my mind.” 

29-year-old Nicole is sticking with it. "It's boosted my confidence and it's given me a great support team here."

Rise & Grind co-founders Moore and Denton know all too well what addicts in recovery need; they've been there "…and us showing up every day and being consistent, shows them they're worth it," says Grant.

Lisa loves watching the transformation "…and then you start seeing a light come on inside, you know and they start really loving to come here.”

The 90 day Rise & Grind program builds muscle, self-esteem and discipline. “I push myself; I push myself every day in everything I do," says member Nicole, who’s been sober for about a year, now.

“It's not just a program that stops right here after 90 days, they get to continue to do this for the rest of their life,” says Moore.

The owners of American Iron Gym are giving a one year free membership to each of the women who graduate from the Rise & Grind program.

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