Speeding past the control tower at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, Dane Meyerhoff is completely in control ...and completely comfortable

Because, despite his young age, he says the inside of an airplane feels like home. "I've been around flying my whole life. My dad's been a pilot since I was a young kid. I was probably three months old when I first got into an airplane,” says Dane

And when he was 17, he got his pilot's license - but he was behind the wheel long before that. "I solo-ed on my 16th - 16th birthday and became an instructor when I was 19," says Meyerhoff

Being and looking 19, can sometimes be an obstacle for Dane when it comes to his students, especially the ones in their 40's and 50's. "It's harder in respect to the older guys, but they come over pretty quick."

Jennifer Prins agrees. She’s Dane’s boss and the owner of Great Basin Aviation School in Reno. "Once they start talking to Dane and they hear his competency and they see how cautious he is and how safe he is with them in the aircraft, they completely trust him as their instructor."

We took the leap of faith ourselves and went up for quick lap around Reno - where Dane says he has the best office with a view. "You're over the high Sierra and the sun's going down and it's just really magical,” he says with a smile.

"He's an inspiration to young pilots,” says Prins. “He’s safe, he's cautious, he's a great coach."

Besides being a pilot and instructor, Dane is also a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Reno majoring in economics.

"…other hobbies as well, I like skiing a lot. I'm just a normal 19-year-old, outside of work," says Meyerhoff.

And like so many college students, his future is delightfully uncertain. "I'm gonna graduate and then maybe off to the airlines, maybe corporate flying, who knows."

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a pilot, Great Basin Aviation School is here in Reno. Click here: http://WWW.greatbasinaviation.com/

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