Authorities are looking for answers to many questions following a woman's disappearance.

The Pershing County Sheriff's Office is looking for information after Lisa Maria Del Campo went missing in late January. On January 15th, someone reported an abandoned car in the White Horse Canyon area of Pershing County. The 2016 Ford Fiesta, which belongs to Del Campo, was found in an area that is usually only accessibly to 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Pershing County search crews later found foot prints and a cell phone that belong to Del Campo nearby but the search has since been discontinued.

Monday, January 8th - Sunday, January 14th

According to the PCSO, Del Campo stayed at the Motel 6 in Winnemucca on Monday, January 8th, and Tuesday, January 9th, before checking out on Wednesday the 10th. A person found Del Campo's abandoned car on Sunday, January 14th, and reported it to authorities after seeing that it had not moved the next day. Investigators are looking for any information on Del Campo's whereabouts from January 10th to January 14th.

Monday, January 15th

PCSO deputies determined the car had not moved or been tampered with, but while "out of place," they did not find any signs of foul play. Investigators got into the car and did not find any evidence that the driver had food or survival gear for the surrounding environment.

The search for the owner, Lisa Maria Del Campo, started immediately. Search crews were able to find foot prints about 3 miles past the car and further into the desert hills. As the terrain got worse, Humboldt General Hospital started helping in the search with a helicopter; however, the helicopter crew was not able to find any clues.

Crews suspended the search at nightfall.

Tuesday, January 16th 

The Pershing County Search and Rescue Team, with the help of the BLM and HGH helicopter, resumed the search and found Del Campo's cellphone and more foot prints about a quarter of a mile past the ones found the day before. 

Authorities say they found the phone in an area where you could see I-80 and Winnemucca without "visual assistance."

Wednesday, January 17th

Crews along with the help of dogs resumed the search in the White Horse Canyon. During the search, they found evidence that shows Del Campo walked back down and out of the canyon to "places unknown."

During the same time, the BLM searched surrounding areas, and investigators questioned nearby residents but came up with nothing.

Using information found in the abandoned car, investigators learned that Lisa Maria was traveling to Los Angeles.

Wednesday, January 23rd

Del Campo's brother and friend of the family went into White Horse Canyon with crews to search. They told investigators that it would be unusual for Del Campo to be in an area outside of a populated city.

Monday, January 29th

Investigators have not found any information to explain why her car and phone were found in the White Horse Canyon area. The search in that area has been suspended until more information or evidence comes up that shows she is in that area.  

Information from the car shows that she was headed to Los Angeles, California. The PCSO was able to track her movements using her bank information and found that she made it south of Modesto, and for an unknown reason, headed east. Her last known transaction was in Winnemucca. Information from the cellphone also shows that Del Campo may have gone to an unknown place in New York.

If there is any information regarding Lisa Maria Del Campo's whereabouts, you're asked to call the PCSO at 775-273-2641.