The city of Fernley, in partnership with the Fernley Chamber of Commerce, hosted their second Citizens Leadership Academy of Fernley on Thursday. The academy's purpose is to inform people about the operations of the city by going through different departments, and introducing people to city officials.

Tonight City Manager Daphne Hooper gave a presentation outlining her duties, and says she's happy with tonight's turnout of nearly 30 people.

"It's exciting to see new faces," Hooper says. "And that people are engaged, excited and ready to learn."

Hooper says they decided to try the academy for a second time after the feedback they received from the first year. She says about 40 people signed up last year and almost 30 graduated after attending all 7 classes. Hooper says you can see the ripple effect from those who took the time to learn about the city, and educate the community around them.

"They actually become our advocates through social media," Hooper says. "And they're able to educate other people in the community."

Michelle Reich lives in Fernley and says she's one of those people just looking for more information, since she hasn't been able to find much.

"As a citizen of any city, I think it's important for people so that they have correct information instead of making assumptions," Reich said. "As a voter I wanted to be completely informed, so I could make better choices on who I choose to vote for down the road and what I'm voting for."

Hooper says ideally some people who go through the academy will find a way to participate in the process directly or just help out in some way. Reich says she may be in that group, but needs to know how she can help to know if she can.

"I'm looking forward to learning additional info about the city," Reich said. "And then seeing if there are ways down the road that I may or may not be able to help out."

Future classes will be held every Thursday for the next six weeks from 6-8 pm at Fernley City Hall. The topics and/or speakers for each date are as follows:

January 18- City Clerk/ City Treasurer

January 25- City Attorney/ Municipal Court

February 1- Building/Planning

February 8- Public Works

February 15- Public Works (cont'd.)/ City Engineering

February 22- City Council/ Graduation (For those who attended every class)