Motel and hotel owners are learning a lesson in keeping illegal activity off of their properties. The mission of the Reno Police Department's Motel Improvement Team is to create a healthy environment for both the owners and the tenants. In order to do that, the department is hosting free training classes to educate local motel management.

"We're giving them tools on how to identify things so it doesn't become a major issue for those properties later on down the road,” said Lt. Joe Robinson with RPD.

One such man looking for this kind of help was Brian Anderson, the maintenance manager for three motel properties in Reno. Anderson works and lives at the Courtyard Inn on 4th street, where he's made it a point to keep crime off his property.

“There's a big joke amongst my tenants that 4th street ends at the sidewalk, after that it's the Courtyard Inn,” said Anderson.

Anderson says he's been able to keep illegal activity like drugs and prostitution out of his motel thanks to the relationship he's created with the RPD Motel Improvement Team.

“We've really been able to turn that from a transient problem area, to a really nice place where people like to stay long term,” said Anderson.

Local hotels are glad to partner with the team as well. The security staff at the Eldorado tri-properties says the motel improvement team will help to create an even stronger environment in and around their resorts.

"What happens downtown affects us and what happens here affects downtown, so we want our neighbors to be successful and their success helps us, helps downtown and helps Reno,” said Darell Clifton, executive director of security.

The next training from the Motel Improvement Team will be held in a few months. First they'll be hosting a meeting with Reno’s multi-housing program to help keep apartment complex's crime free.