The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office says it arrested six drivers on DUI charges during a recent Joining Forces DUI prevention campaign. 

From December 18, 2017 through January 2, 2018, the Sheriff’s Office joined the Reno and Sparks Police Departments and Nevada Highway Patrol for a campaign aimed at driving under the influence as part of ongoing efforts to reduce DUI and increase traffic safety.

Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Deputies made a total of 146 traffic stops.

The total number of arrests, citations and warnings by Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Deputies during this event is 194:
6        DUI arrests
7        outstanding fugitive arrests
3        felony arrests
24      speeding violations
5        cellphone use/distracted driving
18      motor vehicle registration violations
11      driver's license related violations
13      failure to show proof of insurance
10      vehicle equipment violations
4        running a red light
17      all other citations
76      warnings

Joining Forces is a multi-jurisdictional law enforcement program that promotes statewide enforcement in the areas of: DUI, distracted driving, seat belt, and speed and pedestrian safety.

(Washoe County Sheriff’s Office contributed to this report.)