A string of illegal dumping in Reno has prompted several agencies to issue warnings to local residents.

On Tuesday, the Reno Police Department took Zachary Turney to jail for illegally dumping his trash in the area of Stagg Lane. Because the debris was near a roadway or water source, the charge raised from a $1,000 fee to a gross misdemeanor.

And the problem doesn't stop there. A large pile of trash was sitting in Stead at the intersection of Lear Boulevard and Sky Vista Pkwy on Wednesday.

"It's a problem for our community as far as property values and also extreme fire hazards,” said Christi Cakiroglu, executive director of Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful.

If you find trash in a place where it doesn't belong the best thing you can do is report it. On Wednesday, Reno Public Works picked up the trash in Stead within just a few hours of it being reported.

“The City of Reno Public Works staff is spending anywhere from $125-$150 thousand a year to remove it and dispose of it,” said Marnell Heinz, maintenance manager for Reno Public Works.

Heinz says it's not just money the city is spending, but a lot of time and resources as well. A two man team travels around the city five days a week just to pick up the litter from illegal dump sites.

"It's very prevalent within these areas especially the outlying areas like the North Valleys,” said Heinz.

If you've seen large debris in a location where it doesn't belong, you can report it by calling 329-DUMP. If you've witnessed someone dumping their trash and a have a description of the person or vehicle, you can report that info to 334-COPS.