The Rancharrah project is well underway with traffic impacts throughout construction near Kietzke Lane and McCarran Blvd.

As phase one of the massive 700 plus home development heats up, traffic issues on the busy southern section of McCarran are far from over.

Southbound Talbot Lane is closed until January 19 and will continue to have periodic lane and road closures for underground utility work. This is mostly for the 133 homes of phase one being built on the northwest side of the former ranch.

“There's a lot of improvements to that intersection that will help things in the long run,” said Andy Durling with the engineering firm on the project, Wood Rodgers.

It's the access onto Talbot Lane from both directions of McCarran that will be crucial when thousands of folks move in.

“Right now it's too small. We're working with NDOT on how to expand that. Those plans are in the work right now and will happen later this year.”

That will include more turn lanes. As for the stretch of Kietzke in between McCarran and Neil, believe it or not, no significant changes are planned.

“Kietzke doesn't really require any improvements other than the new roads ways and driveways we are constructing.”

Traffic impacts once construction is done on Kietzke Lane is actually going to be less than expected thanks to a change in the master plans. The north part of the project off of Kietzke is now set to be a senior living facility and bank instead of more retail space.

People will likely be moving into the first homes on Rancharrah by early next year with a total completion in the next five years.