Just more than 1/4 of Nevadans qualify as 'obese.' The Washoe County Health District is looking to lower that number with a new healthy-eating program. 

This week, the district announced their plans to begin their "W.O.W!" program, which stands for "We Order Well." Stephanie Chen, the district's Health Educator,  says, "Residents are dining out more often and so we want them to have healthier options when they're dining out."

W.O.W! encourages restaurants to offer customers smaller portions of their traditional dishes. Süp in Midtown has already jumped on board, and it wasn't difficult for the already generally health-conscious restaurant to adapt.

Christian Christensen, Chef and Owner of Süp says, "Every time we have an opportunity, we like to grow on the healthy aspect; more local, more organic, more fresh."

Now, being part of W.O.W!, Süp's owners are looking to make some new menu changes starting in February. Christensen says, "We're looking more toward a little cleaner eating, so taking away some of the grains, some of the dairy--proteins even--steering it a little more toward vegan."

W.O.W! also promotes healthier options for kids, as well. It encourages restaurants to add extra fruits and veggies to the menu as side options, while reducing sugar-sweetened drinks and fried foods. 

That guideline is easy for another participating restaurant to do. Great Full Gardens Owner, Julia Scala says, "This was a great fit for us because we do half a sandwich or a cup of soup or a small salad."

At Great Full Gardens, with an extensive menu of healthy foods, Scala says customers are often pleasantly surprised with the variety. She says, "You can have a whole table of different eaters; one eats meat, one eats vegan, one is gluten-free and one is paleo, you got something for everybody."

Restaurants will have a sticker on display to mark their participation. 

If you want to order off the W.O.W! menu, or you're just curious to learn more, all you have to do is ask your server or other restaurant employee for more information. 

Current participating restaurants:

  • Archie's Giant Hamburgers & Breakfast 
  • The Cheese Board
  • Great Basin Brewing Co. 
  • Great Full Gardens
  • Buenos Grill
  • Los Compadres
  • Süp

If your favorite restaurant isn't participating in the program yet, you can contact the health district and suggest they reach out to that eatery to join. 

If you'd like more information about the program you can visit the health district's website, here