Coach Ron Malcolm has been relieved from his coaching duties at Wooster High School after an administrative investigation found that his actions qualified as 'bullying.' 

On October 18th, 15-year-old Hannah Chatfield was at volleyball practice when she and the rest of the team were playing a game called "compliments and insults." Players would compliment each other when doing well and insult one another after an error. 

However, things took a turn when Hannah, who is bi-racial, says her coach made a racist comment toward her. She explains, "Malcolm looked at me and said 'You're Black,' and everyone just sat there like did you just say that?"

She says an assistant coach, and another adult in the gym at the time, turned to him and whispered "you can't say that." 

Hannah's father, Ken Chatfield, found out about the incident when he picked her up from practice. Ken says she was visibly upset and he became furious, he says, "I was very very angry, I mean I was very angry." Her mother, Sharise Chatfield found out about it later that night. She recalls her husband's anger and her disbelief, "I needed to remain calm because my husband was not calm."

The next morning, a Thursday, they reported the incident to the school. By Friday, an investigation was underway. 

Hannah says Malcolm later approached her to apologize, but it did not quite go as expected. Hannah says he further insulted her during his apology, "He said 'If I were to make fun of something, I should've made fun of your ankle--which makes sense, I rolled it twice this season--your 'Jheri Curl,' or your nose."

On November 13th, the principal issued the findings of their investigation. School officials found the incidents did "meet the qualifications for bullying."

The Chatfields say there were additional allegations that surfaced during the investigation, which led to Malcolm's removal as volleyball and baseball coach at Wooster High. 

Sharise says there has been a lot of speculation and backlash on social media, but that the school's investigation proves exactly what her daughter claims, "There were 12 students interviewed, 2 adults. Everyone said it happened and additional things came out."

Malcolm still remains at the school as a health teacher, but the family says they never want another student to have to experience this. Sharise says all she wants is for Malcolm to be held accountable. She explains, "I don't want anybody to have to lose their jobs, but I do want you to be accountable and that's what we're finding is lacking here." She adds, " He may have done wonderful things, but this one, he messed up. I just want somebody to own it."

The Chatfields say all they want is for their daughter, and other students, to feel safe at school. Ken says he has dealt with issues like this all of his life, being the father of biracial children. He adds, "I can't change what's in your heart but I can change what comes out of your mouth."

When we reached out for comment, an attorney for the former coach stated that Malcolm "disagrees with the district's decision to date" and cannot further comment, other than "this is subject to an ongoing appeal and no decisions are final."

Attorney Patrick Millsap says the coach is seeking an appeal to the school's ruling. 

Hannah says she is hesitant to return to school next week after enduring negative remarks from peers and even other adults.

A group on Facebook in support of the former coach has gained more than 1,000 members. It was originally set up to organize a support rally where members could get information about how they could help Malcolm get his coaching jobs back. The rally has since been canceled, administrators of the group say, since they say the online platform has already accomplished their goal of spreading awareness. 

We reached out to the Washoe County School District for comment. We received this statement, in part, from Public Information Officer, Victoria Campbell: "I can confirm that Ron Malcolm remains employed by the Washoe County School District. However, because this is an ongoing confidential personnel matter, I cannot provide you with any further information...Mr. Malcolm has been employed by the District for 28 years, most recently as a health teacher and a baseball and volleyball coach."

To see the full letter the school sent to Hannah’s parents, as well as the findings from the investigation, click here.