A man who posted a video he recorded at the Lyon County Utilities Office in Dayton last week faces a misdemeanor weapons charge after deputies were called there.

In the video which is called a "first amendment audit" the poster, who goes by Sunrie on YouTube walks around the office before entering the building and refusing to explain why he is filming to employees.

At one point the video appears to show an employee grabbing his phone from him - and at that point he becomes very agitated and starts swearing at them and claiming he's being attacked. According to Lyon County manager, a witness says the individual pulled out a gun, leading to the arrest. 

"Hey do not touch me! Get your f--- hands off me! Don't approach me, you are now putting me in fear for my life, and there's more than one of you!  Give me back my property you have no right!”

Eventually he's given his phone back and speaks to the office's supervisor, who tells him he assaulted the employees there.

The Lyon County manager says after that deputies arrived and charged Anthony Edward Passalacqua with drawing a deadly weapon in a threatening manner.

Lyon County says the January 2nd incident is under investigation.

Deputies booked Passalacqua into the Lyon County Jail on a misdemeanor charge of drawing a deadly weapon in a threatening manner. His bail was set at $1,140. 

He’s scheduled to appear in court on January 23rd.