Seeing those with traumatic brain injuries recover is the sole mission of a local non-profit, but last month, its founding member passed away. The mom he leaves behind is now continuing the work they started together.

Teresa Morros vacuums the floors of their gym in south Reno. The sound has never seemed so hollow.

“It's his gym,” said Morros while beginning to cry. “He's all around.”

Her son, Josh once did the cleaning.

This story begins in 2008. A dirt bike crash left Josh in a coma for 24 days with extensive brain injuries. His journey to recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Over time, he got back his motor skills and was determined to inspire others to do the same.

Josh and Teresa started the Brain Recovery Assistance Institute of Nevada, a non-profit with a proven method, through coaching and empowerment, survivors can regain physical strengths taken away and overcome the emotional challenge that follows so closely.

“We need to remove 'can't' from their vocabulary and put more of 'can' in,” said Teresa.  

Christmas Eve 2017 at the Steamboat Hot Springs, Josh came to enjoy a day off from work, but he died unexpectedly. The official reason has not been released, but what we do know is his inspiring legacy did not leave with him.

“I need to push harder than ever before because that's what Josh would want,” said Teresa. “I am so blessed to have had that child. He taught me so much on how to be better and I need to honor that.”

Josh Morros was 26 years old. His brain and spinal cord have been donated to Boston University for research.

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