Winter break is over for some area kids, but not everyone is back in school yet. Some parents are trying to find fun safe places for their kids to spend their break while they're at work.

Rock Sport Reno is a local rock climbing facility that welcomes all ages and for a few weeks in the winter and summer they hold rock climbing camps to introduce children to the sport as well as keep them busy during these long breaks. "Because of the overcrowding of the schools in this community, there are kids that are out of school every other week, so we have camps for those kids," says Mark Gammon, Owner of Rock Sport Reno.

Rock Sport Reno has been in the community for over 20 years, they have been holding camps for all the breaks such as spring and summer. The kids learn the basics of rock climbing, such as how to handle the safety equipment and basic climbing techniques. Gammon says rock climbing is a social sport so it allows the kids to interact with children their own age but also help with their self-esteem. "We have found for years that self-confidence is that one of the biggest things that kids that are climbing walk away with. They are just better kids," says Gammon.

For more information on Rock Sport Reno and to find out when those classes are you can visit: