After a dry and mild start to the winter season, we finally have a good storm in the forecast that will help out our snowpack. This is not the kind of storm that will put our snowpack where it should be for the year, but it definitely helps.

Snow totals will range from a few feet at the crest, to one to two feet at pass level, and a few inches at lake level. Not expecting any snow in the valley with this system, but a dusting is possible in the hills both Monday and Tuesday morning. Rain totals will be impressive as well, with a half inch possible in the Reno area, with some models hinting at even more than that. Lake level is the hardest to predict this time around, because temperatures will be warm enough Monday for rain, but if we get cold enough Tuesday morning, Tahoe could receive well more than 4 inches of snow. 

Main storm impacts Monday will be heavy rain in the Sierra and snow from time to time reaching pass level. Snow levels will bounce around Monday, but will likely stay between 7000 and 8000 feet during the day. Wind speeds won’t be too terrible with this storm, as precipitation will be coming down at a pretty good clip.

A cold front will move through the area Tuesday morning, dropping snow levels not only in the morning but also throughout the day. With cooler air in place Tuesday, snow will reach as low as around 6200 feet. However, by this time the center of circulation will be farther south, and precipitation may have left I-80 by this point. 

This storm has a subtropical connection and will start out warm, with plenty of moisture to work with from the Pacific. This storm is also fairly slow moving, with the low hanging out in California for a while, and dumping rain and snow on us. 

By Thursday skies will clear and roads will be much better in the mountains. With heavy rain in the forecast, we'll have to watch our creeks and streams for minor flooding.

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