For more than five years we've been showing you how Honor Flight Nevada takes veterans from the Silver State to visit war memorials in Washington D.C.  There is no charge to the vets, so the group relies on donations to cover the expenses.

As we begin the New Year, a Reno businessman is holding a special raffle at his gun shop to raise money for 2018 trips.

The prize is a collector's edition FN M249 SAW. "So it is basically a replica of what is being issued to the U.S. Military but in a semi-automatic version,” says Sharon Oren, owner of Maccabee Arms.

It's worth $10,000 and it could be yours for the price of a raffle ticket. Oren is donating the firearm as a fundraiser for Honor Flight Nevada. "It's $100 a ticket. We're selling 100 tickets, that's it,” explains Oren. “Once we've sold the last ticket, we'll raffle the firearm. And someone's gonna have a really good chance of doing something really good for our community and having a really cool toy."

That really good something is helping pay for our veterans to fly to Washington DC to visit the memorials created to honor their service.

Jon Yuspa is the founder and CEO of Honor Flight Nevada. "We do fundraisers, raffles, obviously to pay for these trips because the veterans go for free, but the awareness is for all the veterans to go to sign up before it's too late."

Honor Flight Nevada was founded by Yuspa a little more than five years ago. Since then, the non-profit has taken more than 1,000 vets to D.C. 

All veterans are welcome, but those who served in WWII are given priority.

For Oren, this group of vets is especially special. "If it wasn't for those guys, for the Golden Generation, doing what they have done, my grandparents would not have been able to survive and escape the camps and WWII and Nazi Germany."

Oren also pays his own way to volunteer on the trips to Washington DC, but the community partnerships that Honor Flight Nevada has established over the years do a lot more than raise funds. "People will come in here, veterans will come in here and it's let us explain what honor flight's about. Let us get you helped signed up," says Yuspa.

There are some 40 raffle tickets left for the M249 saw at Maccabee Arms. All money raised goes to Honor Flight Nevada.

The raffle winner would have to pass all legally required background checks in order to take possession of the firearm.

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