New Year's Eve is one of the most popular days to set off fireworks all year, but the Washoe County Sheriff's Office wants to remind you that they are illegal in Washoe County.

The Sheriff's Office recommends you go to another jurisdiction where fireworks are legal if you really want to set them off, such as Tribal Lands.

Bob Harmon, Public Information Officer for WCSO, says with the firework show in downtown Reno, everyone will get a chance to witness the pretty lights and big noises of fireworks.

"Let the professionals deal with the firework show and enjoy those," Harmon said. "But no illegal fireworks in your neighborhood, at your home."

The penalty for lighting fireworks in Washoe County is high, but the risk for something to go wrong, may be higher.

"Fines of a thousand dollars or some jail time," Harmon said. "More importantly though they can be harmful to the neighborhhood or harmful to the people who are enjoying the New Year's with you."

Harmon says if a fire were to start from fireworks, the person responsible may be on the hook to pay for all the damage caused by the fire. Harmon stresses the best thing to do to stay safe, is to simply avoid using any fireworks, and enjoy the legal ones from a distance.