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Honey: How It's Made

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Apart from being a tasty treat, honey has some other helpful properties. But have you ever wondered how we get honey from the hive to your home?
Our honey odyssey began in the spring, when we suited up to learn about bee behavior.

"So this is the time of year, it's perfect for them, they're bringing in pollen, the nectar.”

That nectar is broken down into simple sugars by the bees and stored inside a honeycomb. Bee keeper Albert Sindlinger smokes the bees to keep them calm, and explains we should move slowly…

“That's probably got 50,000 bees in it, 60,000 bees maybe…”

Despite the hives filled with hundreds of thousands of the winged creatures, there's no dramatic buzzing to be heard. These bees are not angry, they're busy. Flying miles to collect then deposit pollen and nectar. 

"It's very nutritious because it comes from all the trees and whatever's blooming. Some people get it for their allergies, too.”

Like rabbit brush for example, a huge allergen in northern Nevada.  

But when the bees feed on it, the honey they create helps our bodies build immunity to it. 

In the fall, it's time for the honey harvest. The full racks - or honeycombs - get dropped into a spinner

"Centrifugal force as it spins around, out those little holes that we punched. The honey will come flying out, collect on the sides.”

Then it pours out a spout and is collected in five gallon buckets.

He says, “Galena Creek, Mt Rose...we have hives in about 13 locations.”

Different locations have different flowers, and that's why honey can vary in color from pale yellow to almost red. The flavors can change, too

"You see, as it's coming out, it's got the wax, pollen mixed with that.”

Later, the liquid gold will be strained to produce the beautiful jars we use at home.

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