We hear about it happening all too often, folks getting hit by cars, but what's rarely reported is the often devastating aftermath for those involved.

"There's a guy praying over me, and I'm like I'm probably going to die," recalled Sparks resident, Leif Hammond who was hit in the middle of the crosswalk on Pyramid Way and E. Street during the Sparks Christmas Parade on December 2, 2017.

"I heard the horn to my left and pretty much took it head on."

He's now recovering from compound fractures and lacerated kidneys, but is hardly alone.

Now out of work as a truck driver, Hammond, like many, is questioning how this can happen so often in our community.

"Responsibility lies on both the pedestrian and the driver of the vehicle," said Bob Harmon with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office.

Yielding laws exist for pedestrians, too, often making these types of crashes complex.

"It can go from a citation to a felony depending on all the different factors."

It's one of the several driving safety issues on law enforcement's list. Sting operations happen periodically through town.

"We're looking for both drivers who are not yielding to pedestrians and pedestrians who are not yielding to drivers. The concept is it's a two way street. Everyone needs to be focused on everyone else."

That sage advice is a little too late for Hammond who is now on a mission to see this issue taken even more seriously. 

"Be the car that stops for them," said Hammond. "Don't be the car that drives by and definitely don't be the car that hits somebody."

For more on Leif Hammond's story and to donate to his recovery, click here.

The Reno Police Department issued 178 citations and marked six arrests this year for violations including not yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, distracted driving, and pedestrians not using marked crosswalks. 

REMSA says it handled 148 people from pedestrian crashes this year in Washoe County. 

REMSA is doing a special campaign with a $20,000 grant to educate school kids on walking safely and giving out reflective gear at busy pedestrian areas.