The Lake Tahoe area is known for its majestic scenery, great ski resorts, and peaceful atmosphere. But the increases in vacation home rentals are disturbing the peace.

"The ones behind us, oh they have these bachelor parties and everything, oh ya they're noisy, I can tell you that," said Tahoe resident Birgit Caparusso.

The City of South Lake has heard these complaints from their residents and have acted on it. Now with any noise complaint, over occupancy, or even a parking violation, there's a fine.

"Both the occupants of the VHR, vacation home rental, and the owner of the vacation home rental will receive a citation," said South Lake Tahoe Police Chief Brian Uhler.

But unlike in previous years, this fine is meant to get the attention of renters and home owners.

“Previously there was a scaling effect for the fines, it used to be $250, $500, and a $1,000 for successive violations. Now it's straight to $1,000 for even one time.”

Another change is that there are now no warnings; if the police are called out and find there is an infraction, it is an immediate $1,000 fine.

The new law was just implemented on the 22nd of December, and in just four days, eight fines have been written.

Some of the rental agencies in South Lake say that this could deter tourism, and a couple of renters who were shocked by the thousand dollar fine say they might think twice before renting a house here in South Lake.

“Because it would deter me, I mean maybe not from coming with my family, but if we were coming on a girls trip, I might be a little bit nervous about that and maybe choose to stay elsewhere," said Vacation home renter Natile Lilli.

Officials say that these fines are more to keep people following the rules and respect that these are neighborhoods over gathering fines, but each infraction will bring $2,000 to the city coffers.