As Christmas time sneaks up on us, the idea of decorating your home for the holidays can bring upon more stress than most of us can handle; and if you happen to have been buying a house or selling a house this season, the pressure is really on! All the neighbors homes are beaming with red and green lights, pounds of tinsel and those inflatable reindeer and Santas that seem to fall flat every evening. So how do you get it done with minimal time, energy and still stand out next to your new neighbors? Check our the best local real estate team’s holiday decor suggestions below:

  1. Don’t be afraid to skip the traditional red and green color scheme! While these colors are great (and tradition is difficult to break), if you really want to stand out and feel right at home, feel free to throw your own flair on those lights outside or the ornaments on your Christmas tree! Marshall Carrasco, our local real estate expert, encourages people to think about curb appeal at all times and give the neighborhood a bit of your own personality. You are, in fact, going to be around for quite some time! Let the neighbors get to know who YOU are!
  2. While exploring different colors and schemes is encouraged, it’s also highly suggested that  you stick to one or two colors. If you go all out and choose a bunch of different colors, your home could end up looking cluttered and make it more difficult for those Christmas Eve light seekers to appreciate all the hard work you put in! The more strain you put on the eyes, the less people will appreciate the artwork you created!
  3. If you really want to spice things up, pick up some glass tableware and bright white lights as opposed to the yellow tinted lights you normally see around the Christmas dinner table. Our Reno Real Estate experts at Marshall Realty make it clear that glass reflects light and will brighten any decor and give your home a more elegant and appealing look to it. Can’t seem to find your glass decor after buying a new house this year? Hit the local thrift shops, discount stores such as Big Lots, and keeping an eye out for garage sales for these items! Even if they’re not brand new, a good cleaner and some love can make any glass shine bright as new again!
  4. Remember that you don’t have to decorate every room of your home or even every side of the outside of your home. Some people like to over-do it, but in these instances, Marshall Carrasco and his Reno Real Estate team at Marshall Realty suggest that “less is more”. Focus on the room that you and your family will be spending the most time in and focus your decor on that area.
  5. A White Christmas is always enticing! Using white on white with small hints of accent colors can really set your home apart whether inside or out! Everyone always wishes for a “White Christmas” because the beauty of it is engaging and dreamy. Unfortunately the last few years in Reno, NV the natural white coloring of Christmas has been on a minimal scale - create your own White Christmas by decorating your newly purchased home in white on white!
  6. We all know that metallics have an attention-grabbing shine about them that most people can’t help but look at! Our local Real Estate experts suggest that you take one of those irresistible white glass bowls and fill it with metallic ornaments or spray some pinecones white and dip them in glitter for that sparkly effect this year!
  7. Faux is a go! There’s no reason that everything in your home needs to be natural and real! If you want to put up some cute green leaves or holiday bird decor, don’t let anyone sway you! Faux trees are okay too! Think of the time you will save on clean up without the real pine needles, and leaves! Another great suggestion from our friend Marshall Carrasco, is faux flicker candles! Faux items broaden your options for decor and color options! Go wild!
  8. Holiday fruit takes the loot! Everyone loves the smell of fresh fruit so grab some lemmons, limes, grapefruit or clementines and string them along your mantel or put them in one of your shiny glass bowls on the table with some of your faux greens to accent them!