On Wednesday, the Reno City Council unanimously voted to approve a new permanent overflow shelter to help overcrowding at Reno’s main homeless shelter.

The empty lot at 250 Sage St. is where the overflow shelter would go. The permanent overflow shelter would take the place of the temporary facility and would also help take some of the pressure of the city's main shelter which quickly fills up to its 300 person capacity on cold nights.

"Every single night we're full but even through the summer months I also saw us at capacity a lot of the times,” said Pat Cashell, Regional Director of the Volunteers of America.

The new shelter on Sage St. would provide at least 150 more beds as well as other services like a kitchen and a kennel for pets.

Opponents told the city council that the new shelter would bring in more crime and deter new business. But the council says the city needs to address the growing homeless population.

“We’re unfortunately seeing our numbers increase and we have to protect those individuals,” said Vice Mayor Neoma Jardon. "When you're economy is booming and your housing prices go up while your inventory goes down, those that get squeezed onto the street are your most vulnerable.”