Reno hosted the 17th annual "Santa pub crawl" downtown.  The crowds were massive out at the Reno arch as thousands of Santa’s and Grinches walked around downtown, having a holly jolly time.

But on top of having a great time, this pub crawl is like no other in Reno. 100 percent of the proceeds go right back to local schools. They are expecting to match or beat last year’s turnout, which is around ten thousand people, which adds up to around $40,000 donated.

This year’s Santa crawl, which is the largest Santa crawl in the country, drew a lot of outside attention and increasing tourism, as most of the downtown hotels were booked up.

For some people, like Kim and Richard from southern California, the pub part of the crawl is secondary; they just love coming out to show off their costumes, as well as checking out the local talent.

"It’s great," said Kimberly McCarty. "We love watching how people are getting more and more involved. It used to be throw on a hat and your good, but more and more detail each year."

The Reno Police Department was out in full force keeping people safe and issuing citations. There was 19 misdemeanor arrest, eight of those were DUI. They made three felony arrests as well. 

The Reno Police Department Regional Street Enforcement Team (SET) also conducted an underage drinking operation throughout Reno during the event. During the operation, four volunteers, 18-20 years old, were used to check 51 businesses in downtown Reno area. Of those 51 businesses checked, four businesses failed the compliance check and served alcohol to the volunteers. In each instance the volunteers provided their actual state issued identification, if they were asked for it, clearly identifying them as underage patrons.

Businesses that failed and served alcohol to underage volunteers:

1.    Wild River Grille – 17 S. Virginia Street

2.    Wild Garlic Pizza – 170 S. Virginia Street

3.    Silver Peak Restaurant and Brewery – 135  N. Sierra Street

4.    Blind Dog Tavern – 100 N. Arlington Ave.

Originally Reno Police reported Washoe Public House failed the alcohol compliance operation as well, however that was in error.  The owner of the business contacted Channel 2 about it and provided documentation that showed the business passed the compliance check.