Three Galena High School students have dismissed their lawsuit against the Washoe County School District, Galena High School's Principal Tom Brown and Galena High School's Head Coach Steve Struzyk. The three students alleged that they were subjected to bullying by Struzyk, and that administration and the district failed to address their complaints. 

No settlement was made in the dismissal. 
“The Washoe County School District has pledged to provide every possible support for the children whose education has been entrusted to it, and the District and its staff have worked tirelessly to uphold this commitment to the community,” said Washoe County School District Superintendent Traci Davis. “On the basis of this pledge, we believe that the District has embraced and championed the highest possible standards of safety and the academic environments for children within Washoe County School District.”
“While the District, Brown, and Struzyk could not comment on this matter while litigation was pending, the District stands behind its decision that bullying did not occur in this matter and is pleased that the plaintiffs dropped their lawsuit,” said Neil Rombardo, Chief General Counsel for the Washoe County School District. “The District is committed to defending itself and its employees in court when the evidence does not support the claims that are made against it.”

Struzyk recently announced his resignation as head coach, citing that he was moving on to pursue higher education and other endeavors as the reason why.