The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says it received more than a dozen reports from the public today concerning callers claiming to be a person’s grandchild.

The phone number identification accompanying most of these calls is (775) 328-3001 which happens to be the front desk number for the Sheriff’s Office.

Typically the scammers identify themselves as a person’s grandchild in need of financial assistance because they are in jail or have been involved in an accident. It is not unusual for scammers to use personal information about a potential victim’s family members in order to sound credible. This type of information is often easily obtained via the Internet or social media.

Deputies say unless you are 100% sure of whom you are talking with over the phone, never give out personal information and never send money. Gather what information you can and then hang up.

If you feel a call may possibly by legitimate, take the time to double-check the story with another family member before proceeding.

Being aware of these scams is the best form of prevention. 

 Anyone who has suffered a loss as a result of this scam is encouraged to contact the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office at (775) 328-3001 (option 7), file a report online at, or their local law enforcement agency.

(Washoe County Sheriff's Office contributed to this report.)