78-year-old Gary Barnes is a Vietnam Veteran who is living out his retirement at his dream home in Grass Valley, California. 

While stationed in Japan, he spent much of his down time in the Philippines. He returned back to the U.S. as a highly-decorated war veteran. But there was another milestone he reached overseas, of which he had no idea, until now.

Five decades later, he received a phone call from someone he thought was a stranger. It turns out, the voice on the other end of the line was his long-lost, 50-year-old daughter. 

Through the website, Ancestry.com, and further DNA testing--Olivia Robles Barnes discovered she found the father she had been looking for all her life. 

They agreed to meet at Reno-Tahoe International Airport at the end of November. Olivia flew in from her Florida home, and Gary drove up from Grass Valley.

The emotional meeting was unforgettable. Watch the video above to see the full story.