Due to the incredibly wet winter we received last year Washoe Lake is a lot higher than in previous years, causing some flooding concerns. NDOT has been keeping a close eye on the lake levels to make sure that the water does not flood I-580. 

Some things they have done so far this year is speaking with federal water masters and local land and water rights owners to open privately-owned water release features, letting some of the lake water out through Steamboat Creek. Throughout the summer and fall, NDOT maintenance crews have cleared the ditches and drainage structures to keep water flowing. 

Currently the water is only about three feet away from the lowest point of the interstate, but NDOT says they are not concerned about flooding just yet. But it is hard to predict what exactly this winter will bring, but NDOT says they are ready for any possible flooding on the freeway, "We have full mitigation plans in place that details what our plans would be and setting up detours that would keep the community and commuters safe and connected," says Meg Ragonese with NDOT.

Around 38,000 drivers use I-580 through Washoe Valley everyday, NDOT says they will continue to monitor lake levels and work with federal and local water and property owners to keep travelers safe. 

Washoe Lake is not maintained by NDOT.