As temperatures start to drop, the local homeless population struggles to get shelter. Whether it’s people who have been laid off, can’t afford the increasing rent prices or just down on their luck, being homeless is a constant struggle.

But with the temperature dropping and winter conditions starting up, the local homeless population has a new struggle: staying warm.

"It would be either sleeping on the streets or walking all night. It’s hard staying up and trying to stay warm," said Lisa Johnson, a local homeless woman.

That's where some of the local charity organizations come in, like catholic charities and volunteers of America.

On top of providing food and clothing to the homeless population, there are also drop in shelters for men, women, and families.

Unfortunately, the shelters are at capacity every night, leaving a large number of people out in the cold.

But there is something you can do, like donating warm clothing or food, but also realizing that these are just people who need help.

"Being compassionate and having an understanding that it's not someone’s fault that they are homeless, there is always a chain of events that have occurred," said Marie Baxter with Catholic Charities.

You can donate to the Reno Sparks Gospel Mission, Catholic Charities, or the Volunteers of America, located near the homeless shelter on 4th and Record Street.