For the last eight years during the holidays, downtown Carson City has been home to a community ice rink at Arlington Square. But this year, there aren't enough funds to keep it running, and the equipment needed to operate the rink is outdated and requires repairs.

"At the end of last season, we knew it was apparent that we were going to have to replace that equipment, and it was going to cost about $250,000,” said Dan Earp, Superintendent Carson City Parks and Recreation.

Earp says the city felt that it'd be better to use that money in other ways, especially since the ice rink has not been a profitable venture for parks and rec.

“It cost a lot of money to set it up, to run the ice rink, a lot of energy costs to keep it chilled throughout the season,” said Earp.

Earp says they hope to bring the rink back as soon as possible, but before that can happen, they'll need some help from the community.

“We are just looking for some private backing and donors to help us and if that's the case then we'd be happy to bring it back and operate it."

Locals also hope to see the rink return as soon as possible, especially for those who like to spend their winters outdoors.

"A lot of families that are looking forward to winter activities are going to be disappointed and let down,” said Mylz Barker, a Carson City Resident. “It’s still Christmas, it just takes away one more activity from our small town.