If you followed our Breast Cancer 2 Bikini special, you might remember Barbara Owens. The mother of four allowed us to follow her for six months as she trained for a fitness competition. She joined a group of other breast cancer survivors following her battle with breast cancer and the death of her kids’ father. Barbara’s goal was to walk across the competition stage by her 50th birthday, and she did it!

She lived cancer-free for more than five years. However, we are saddened to report cancer returned just two months ago – in her pancreas. Everything happened so quickly, friends tell us, and now Barbara is in the hospital on hospice.

Anyone who knows the 52 year old knows she is spunky, full-of-energy and has a contagious smile. She is also a loving mother of four. She told us after her kids' father died – while she was fighting breast cancer - she had no choice but to live. “My kids need me,” she said.

Her trainer for the competition is Mena Spodobalski who owns Evoke Fitness in south Reno. She has organized a fundraiser boot camp to support Barbara’s family. "I've seen what Reno can do when someone is in need, and I really feel like these children are in need right now. Barbara is a single mom; she has not been able to work for quite some time now. She's in the hospital and unable to make her own decisions and be able to provide for her children. They're from age 13 to 26, and they need our help. They need our help. They're going to have a lot of expenses and a lot of unforeseen things come their way, and I think our community can certainly help them with that."

Evoke’s boot camp (which also includes spinning) is happening this Saturday morning from 7:30-8:30. It is located at 895 East Patriot Boulevard, Suite 108 in south Reno. You’re encouraged to bring a donation of at least $20, and 100% of the donations collected will go to Barbara’s kids. There will also be raffle prizes - including a basketball signed by Coach Musselman and the entire Nevada team. If you cannot make it, you can make a donation online at https://tinyurl.com/ydbugbou.

Here's a link to watch our Breast Cancer 2 Bikini half-hour special: http://www.ktvn.com/category/313097/breast-cancer-2-bikini.