Jacobs Entertainment, Inc. plans on redeveloping several blocks along West Fourth Street in downtown Reno. The Fountain District would stretch from Gold Dust West to the Sands Regency. The area would be transformed into a $500 million arts and entertainment district. Three weekly motels have been demolished to make room for new development.  The Stardust Lodge was bulldozed two weeks ago, and the Carriage Inn and Donner Inn were torn down in September.

"I think it's a good idea that they want to get rid of some of this old stuff out of here, make it better developed," Mike Staph, Reno resident said. "You have all kinds of unsavory characters walking around. So if you can actually build this up and make it nicer, it can only benefit the city."

Jacobs Entertainment will release the plans sometime in 2018. The company has two dozen trademarks, including several that appear to be part of the Fountain District. They include Reno Fountain District, Fountain Casino and Hotel, Fountain Gardens, Fountain Hotel Casino and Reno Eye. While most are classified as gaming, entertainment, residential and commercial, retail and restaurant, Reno Eye is part of the amusement park category, including rides and a Ferris Wheel. Other cities have large Ferris Wheels, including the London Eye, Orlando Eye, and Las Vegas High Roller but it is unknown if the Fountain District would include something like that.

"If it was close to the casinos, it probably would do really well," Michael Cutler, Reno resident said. "It would provide something else to do besides gambling."

"That would actually be pretty entertaining," Staph said. "Would it fit here? You could always make it fit."

Jacobs Entertainment owns the Sands Regency and Gold Dust West, so it is unclear if the trademarks signal a name change of one of the properties, or if the plans include construction of a new hotel casino. Residents say they are looking forward to see what the final plans are, saying it would be an improvement over some of the weekly motels in the neighborhood.

"They don't help people get out of poverty," Cutler said. "They're not helpful in the first place. I would like to see all of them removed and something better put in."

Residential units could be a large part of the Fountain District, and since many low-income residents live in some of the weekly motels, Cutler hopes affordable housing is a component of the plan.

"If they could put in a mixture, then they could be able to make money and be able to take care of the people in need of affordable housing," Cutler said.

Others say redeveloping Fourth Street and other parts of downtown is long overdue.

If it draws the right crowd, then the neighborhood will stay vibrant and healthy," Staph said.

Staph works in one of the medical buildings near Fifth Street, and says the razing of the Stardust Lodge is the first step in expanding that neighborhood.

"This is a pretty crime-driven area," Staph said. "Especially with that motel gone, you'll have a lot of that bad element out of this area, which is nice, considering we work here."

Representatives for Jacobs Entertainment were unavailable for comment, Thursday. We hope to get a better idea of their plans in the future.