Devan Stormont lives on the 18th floor of The Montage in downtown Reno.  He watched as a situation unfolded from his condo, which is 10 floors directly above the unit where a man opened fire Tuesday night. 

"After about 20 minutes, I realized that it actually was gunfire," Stormont said. "By then, I think some police had already started arriving on the scene."

Officers eventually shot and killed the shooter, but until that happened, the heavy police presence, along with the intercom message that was sent by building security, made him feel more secure.

"Telling us to lock the doors, don't go outside, make sure that we stayed in our units," Stormont said. "By then, I could tell for sure that it was inside the building."

Stormont said he had already suspected the shots were coming from the building because they sounded muffled.  He did what he was asked to do. Since his unit is on the 18th floor, he knew he was safe, but he was still concerned about his neighbors on the lower floors.

"I think I had a little bit more curiosity than fear in some regards, but I was definitely concerned about the safety of people near the shooter," Stormont said.

Stormont says the gun shots did not sound like they came from an automatic or semiautomatic weapon because they happened so far apart.

"It was a single shot, sometimes about five minutes apart," Stormont said. "So, it was really difficult to tell at first, but I was looking around. I didn't see anybody on the street, so that was reassuring."

Officers lined the streets until the shooter was no longer a threat, keeping a perimeter that civilians could not enter. One of those was Anastasia Biesler, who was trying to get to her home at The Montage.

"I was on the corner, right here actually, and I just heard gunshots around the corner, echoing, and I saw a bunch of SWAT running in," Biesler said. "It was scary."

Stephanie Stavas watched from the Ace Motor Lodge, directly across the street from The Montage.  She says she saw bullets hit the street and sidewalk between the two buildings.

"I was scared," Stavas said. "I was frightened, and I was in fear that the gun shots were coming over here through my window."

Officers killed the shooter after gaining entry to the eighth-floor condo.

"It was a little bit of a shock to feel the building shake when the SWAT Team went into the unit," Stormont said. "10 floors up and I could actually feel that, so that was interesting."

Crews spent the morning cleaning broken glass on the sidewalk.  Eight stories up, several bullet holes remain in the window and exterior door of that condo.  Investigators are still trying to learn more about the shooter and why he opened fire.  Nobody besides the shooter was seriously injured.