Police have released the identity of the gunman in Tuesday night's shooting in downtown Reno. Police say 30-year-old Lucas Stone was killed in an officer-involved shooting after authorities entered his barricaded condo inside The Montage.

An investigation into the incident is still underway. 

Police say a SWAT team descended on the gunman while he was barricaded at The Montage, Reno Police Deputy Chief Tom Robinson told reporters. "In that entry, shots were exchanged, I shouldn't say exchanged, shots were fired by law (enforcement), at least I'm not sure if the suspect fired yet or not and that injury ended up being life-threatening and he has passed away."

Police say that it appears he was shooting at imagined threats, and that there is no evidence he was targeting people. 

Police say the suspect was initially taken into custody alive, but shortly thereafter, he died. 

Police say it appears to be an isolated incident and there is no continuing threat.

One of the phone calls police received was from a woman inside the room with the suspect. As officers worked to contain the area, Reno Police negotiators responded and made contact with the suspect and woman. 

"While he was shooting and reporting he was holding her against her will and wouldn't let her leave, so we were able to get in there and get her to safety," said Robinson.

Police say the Regional Officer-Involved Shooting Protocol was enacted, and Sparks Police are leading the investigation. 

Police evacuated surrounding condo units as a safety precaution during the incident.

Anastasia Biellser told us, "I was coming back from UNR and I got stopped by all these cops here and I've been parked here ever since and my friend is stuck inside. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get in contact with her. As I was sitting here waiting I did hear gunshots being fired."

One resident who lives across the street from The Montage says she saw everything from her window. "I could see the bullets hitting the street and sidewalks and hitting places, I'm glad I wasn't outside when it happened," says Stephanie Stavas, Ace Lodge resident.

Several law enforcement agencies responded including the Washoe County Sheriff's Office, University of Nevada, Reno, Police, Nevada Highway Patrol, and local FBI and ATF agents.

On Wednesday, Reno Police Chief Jason Soto thanked the community.

"I would like to take an opportunity to thank the community for their understanding and willingness to avoid the downtown area during last night’s critical incident on North Sierra Street. The calls that came into the Emergency Communication Center, from this community, were instrumental in allowing the quick response from all area law enforcement agencies....The immediate notification from those in the area and the quick reaction from this region’s law enforcement agencies assisted us in bringing this incident to a close with very minimal injury to the community." 

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)