Compared to this time in 2016, holiday donations are down at some locations in town. Local charities say fewer donations could be a result of people reaching their giving limit.

In 2017, people nationwide have donated their own money to numerous cities following disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes and large fires. Now that the holidays are here, some people aren't giving quite like they normally would.

To make themselves more visible, Charles Fowler with the Salvation Army says they’ll be adding more red kettles around the city.

"Letting people know there is a need here in Reno and there's still a lot of people needing help this Christmas,” said Fowler.

But despite the need, donations are down. Fowler says their totals are 7% less this year compared to last.

"We were kind of hoping things would go up a little bit this year with the better economy and people having more money in their wallets it seems,” said Fowler.

Matt Vaughan with the Catholic Charities of northern Nevada agrees. He says they too are surprised that their holiday donations are down, even though their food donations have dropped 60% in the last 3 years. 

"There have been so many catastrophes and devastating things in the last year,” said Vaughan. “But there's lot of people here in this area that need help year around."

Despite the slow start, Vaughan says donations could still come in over time because we're still very early in the giving season.

“We have a big event that we do every year called operation stocking stuffer,” said Vaughan. “So far we've only seen a few dozen stockings come in and we're hoping to serve more than 800 kids at this year's event so we really need the support and we're really hoping to get it in the next few weeks.”

Both the Salvation Army and Catholic Charities say if you can't donate any more this year, volunteering your time can be just as helpful.