Like last year, hydrologists will be keeping a close eye on the Truckee River, and with the help of a neat website, you can keep tabs on everything yourself too. The website is updated from the California Nevada River Forecast Center. 

"There's about 100 points that you'll see with green dots, and that's where people can find flood stages for rivers," said Peter Fickenscher, a hydrologist from the California Nevada River Forecast Center. 

If you want to look at the Truckee for example, just click on the dot and a chart appears. Observations are on the left, and forecasts are on the right. It also says the required monitor stage and flood stage at the top. The forecasts get updated every so often, and the observations get recorded automatically.

"Typically in winter two times a day, once in the morning before 9am and then once in the afternoon before two or three pm," said Fickenscher. 

The dots are color coordinated with the different areas of concern. Green is good, conditions are normal with no flooding. Orange is above monitor stage, red is above flood stage, and purple is above danger stage. At monitor stage, minimal or no property damage is expected, but the public still needs to be advised. At Flood Stage, some buildings may be inundated with water, and some evacuations may be needed for homes near the river or stream. At danger stage, extensive damage may be done, and a lot of evacuations may be needed. 

If conditions are prime for flooding, the forecast will be updated at least every six hours and all throughout the night. 

"The actual stage measurements are very accurate, and going forward in forecast is always uncertainty. The biggest uncertainty is how much it will rain. No one knows how much exactly it will rain," said Fickenscher

If the weather gets bad, this is a way to at least have a handle on things.

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