The United Blood Services is encouraging residents to donate blood through November 25 in order to meet a 150 unit need.

They anticipate demand from hospitals to rise to its highest levels during Thanksgiving weekend. The rise is expected due to increased travel, which could result in a higher rate of traumatic injuries.

All blood types are needed, but O negative blood type is currently in highest demand. As the universal blood type, O negative blood type can help any patient, especially during emergency situations when blood must be available quickly to save lives.

“We encourage people to donate blood before Thanksgiving to ensure enough blood is available for people in our community,” said Scott Edward, spokesperson for United Blood Services. “Donating blood in November is a great way to start the holiday season because it reminds us that one person can truly make a difference.”

United Blood Services is offering a $10 eGift Card through their Hero Rewards Program in exchange for blood donations.

“We hope this eGift Card will help with your holiday preparations, and it is our way of saying thank you for taking the time to donate blood when our blood supply needs it the most,” Edward added.