This week, Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada is mourning the loss of their dining room director, Ray Trevino. For decades, we at Channel 2 have had the privilege of interviewing Ray and sharing the work he's done for those in need in our community. He was even a Someone 2 Know, years ago. In this week’s Someone 2 Know, we remember Ray’s life and legacy.

It's noticeably somber at the St. Vincent’s dining hall these days. There are still tears as volunteers and employees gather to reminisce about the man who ran the place for the last 25 years.

Volunteer Michelle Wedel’s eyes well up when she speaks of the man that was her boss; "He was just an amazing person, looking out for the homeless." "He was the reason that so many people felt comfortable coming down here and asking for help,” says Matt Vaughan, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada.  The non-profit’s Executive Director, Peter Vogel agrees; "I have never met anyone in my life who cared more about the less fortunate and dedicated their life more to helping those who are struggling, than Ray Trevino".

Ray's work as the dining room director for Catholic Charities impacted hundreds of thousands of clients over decades, but it was his personal connection with the volunteers that will be missed the most.

"He would throw in a little Spanglish and give me an elbow in the ribs, ‘cuz he expected more out of me," says Ramon Covarrubias, who first met Ray about five years ago when he came to do some community service hours.

Scott Cooksley runs the Food Pantry for Catholic Charities and also got to know Trevino away from work.  He says he’s heartbroken; "I viewed him as a mentor, a really good friend."

“I'm gonna miss him. I'm gonna break down in a minute here, but I’m gonna miss him,” says long-time volunteer Henry E. Dever, Jr., “But I also know he'll be up there, telling us ...”

...Telling them what to do.  Ray Trevino was also well known for his exacting ways and high standards.  He demanded the same from anyone who came to work in the dining room - even volunteers.

Vaughan remembers one day in the kitchen; "I was whistling, I just love music - it's just something I do all the time - and I hear Ray from behind me - 'no whistling, I don't want any saliva on the food’ ."  Vaughan, like so many others, is able to laugh a little as they recall moments with Ray.

Ray was also a man of God, who left a corporate job in the 90s to serve others and made this dining room home, five days a week.

He was deeply devoted. Ray told us once; "We can't wait till tomorrow  - to come back and do it again"

And now they'll be doing it without Ray; "…and he wouldn't have it otherwise,” says Cooksley, smiling “Or he'd say I'm gonna come kick all your butts."

There will be a moment of remembrance for Ray Trevino at this year's Thanksgiving meal at St. Vincent's dining room at 11:30 on Thanksgiving Day.